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CEO of House of Comedy Nordic

Since 2016, I am “Head of Laughs” at Stockholm Comedy Club. The club, once founded by my husband, Janne Westerlund, has become a family business and in January 2018, we created a new limited company: House of Comedy Nordic with me as CEO.
At the moment, this is the structure of our business:
If you are interested in anything standup comedy related, don’t hesitate to contact me. I might be funny, but I will send a professional!


House of Comedy Nordic


2015 – present


Business Projects, Business Advice, Partnership

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You should always have people that inspire you and push you to go forward in your life. This woman did exactly that. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t been able to do what I do now in Stand up Comedy. She’s the coolest, tuffest and kindest CEO I know.

– Linda Gerstenmayer, comedian, actress, entrepreneur.

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Laughter is a language everyone understands!

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