Creative Business Analysis

A complete five step analysis of your business (Monday-Friday, 2 hours/day) via Skype/Zoom.

Day 1: Your ideas, products and services. We analyze all your income bringing projects with the aim to make the more innovative and interesting for your clients. We talk about pricing, packaging and product development. We set a short term action plan and a long term business strategy. (Magdalena Bibik)

Day 2: Your processes. Vi go through what works and what doesn’t in your business and what you need to adjust in order to outsmart your competitors and wow your clients. We talk about productivity, business minimalism and remove all unnecessary work. (Magdalena Bibik)

Day 3: Your social media. During the social media consultation, we’ll help you think bigger and bolder, providing you with high-impact, actionable tips on improving your social media presence, understanding your audience and creating the content they’ll love! (Marta Rus)

Day 4: Your website and SEO. Confused about SEO? Not anymore! This session is designed to address the key issues within your search engine presence – from technical problems that could be affecting your site’s performance to your Google rankings. We’ll also explain the basics behind search engine optimization and how it can help your business. (Marta Rus)

Day 5: YOU as the business professional. The last day is all about you and your personal/professional development. After all, you are the most important part of your business and we want you to be the perfect ambassador for it. Our ambition is to bring out the very best – and most interesting – version of you. (Magdalena Bibik)

Send an e-mail to magdalena@creativity.house for further information and booking.


10 hours (2 hours/day Mon-Fri)


8990 SEK exkl VAT

For Whom

För all who need a solid business analysis, for those who are stuck and don’t develop anymore and for those who are just about to start a business and need help doing it right.


Creative business thinking, branding, marketing, business strategy, idea generation, social media, website, personal development.


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