The Challenge

I have the pleasure to teach Creative Business Thinking at Axelsons Institute

I have the pleasure to teach Entrepreneurship, Sales, Branding and Social Media at Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut. In my signature Keynote, I will teach you:
  • how to kickstart your new career as Wellness Consultant, PT, Massage Therapist, Spa Therapist etc. Check out all the courses here (in Swedish)
  • how to find the right services for your target audience
  • how to optimize your pricing
  • how to find your USP and stand out among your competitors
  • how to make sure that your branding reasons with your core values and your vision
  • to think like a creative mastermind


Axelsons Institute






Creative Business Thinking, Entrepreurship, Branding, Marketing, Sales


If you are thinking about new career in wellness, then Axelsons is the place for you! Plus… it’s the ONLY place where I teach.
Here is a fun article from Friskvårdsmagasinet, Axelson’s own magazine. (In Swedish)

Friskvårdskonsulter utanför boxen

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