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One of the most common questions that I get – and one that I have been struggling with myself as well – is: “local vs global”.

Let me tell you a story. 1,5 years ago my husband and I left big city life and moved to the countryside. We drove away from the convenience of the subway and closeness to everything and instead we got the most beautiful surroundings, fresh air and a lot of land for the Doberman to run and play at. Our only concern was that once we left Stockholm, the world would get smaller. We would miss out on whatever was happening in the city as we would now be an hour away. I don’t think that I even need to tell you, but the world got bigger! We started another club in the local town and an education program at a public university around the corner. Actually, we changed the name of our company from Stockholm Comedy Club to House of Comedy Nordic. I started working with digital courses and stepped up Creativity House. We went from Stockholm locals to something more global by moving to the middle of nowhere!

So! My question today is: can you be both local and global at the same time? And if so, why should you? What benefits are there from scaling?

Without further ado, let me ask you: can you be both local and global? Of course you can, and I dare to say, regardless of what your business looks like! I write a weekly column in a local paper and this week – of course – is all about this topic. I use a local meat supplier as an example of how to go global. Tough example, because both you and I understand that sending Swedish meat all over the world is just not doable for many different reasons. So how could that producer go global with their services?

Let me give you 5 different examples of how you can scale your business and go from local to global.

The process

First… by teaching your process. Your craft. What out of your know-how could you pass on to others? Whatever you do, you can always teach how it’s done. People in your industry want to learn the job from professionals and who better than you to teach them? The strategies, the do’s and donts, you name it! Write down on your checklist: how could you teach what you know? Live workshops? Digital courses? A YouTube channel? What would you want to teach and how would you go about it?

The local charm

Let’s talk about the power of local. Of this charm of a small supplier with locally produced goods that cares for the community. Far from big companies that only take our money – right? Listen! Here is an opportunity to scale up your business – buy playing with the local charm! Making THAT the Unique Selling Point! I mean… who doesn’t like the idea of a small winery in Napa producing their special wine? It can be YOUR product! From YOUR small factory! Don’t be afraid to play with the local charm. How can you take advantage of it – how can you make yourself even more local and exotic? Think about it!

The expert

We can’t be experts in everything. But there is always something that we can be an expert at. And actually, to be honest, the smaller niche, the easier it is to become the world champion! Imagine that you are carving for a living. What type on an axe can you master so that you are better than anyone? How can you benefit from it? What could you carve, who could you teach? I bet that there are other markets out there who would LOVE to get a lesson from an expert on carving! Find a market that is similar to yours and make them discover you!

If you are one of these idea creators, go create a profession that doesn’t exist just yet and make yourself industry expert! Think about it, a few years ago we didn’t have Influencers, YouTubers, dog groomers etc. Can you find an unexplored territory and make it yours? Great! The next thing you do is to teach others how to do the same.

3 digital products

I think that you at this point understand what it’s all about. You need to scale up with digital products! I mean, if you DO have a physical product that can be shipped all over the globe – great! Most of us don’t. So you need to package your know how and your skills and your recipes and your tips to digital products that clients on other markets can buy. The beauty of it is – you do it once and sell it over and over again!

So my task to you here and now, my friend – find three digital products that you could start selling next week!

Last but not least…


A good way to scale up your business is to outsource some of it. You are still in control but letting someone do part of the job for you. Maybe this sounds scary to you, to me it kind of does, but if your service allows it – why not? Or make your company a franchise and take in franchisees! That is a really solid upscale, if I may say so. You create the foundation of the business and let people copy and paste it on other markets. McDonalds? Starbucks? Get it?

So, there you have it! 5 strategies to scale up your business and go from local to global.