Have you ever experienced goosebumps from seeing or hearing something really good? (hello The Voice auditions!) Most of the times they come from seeing other people thrive. But how about getting goosebumps from your own performance…. That’s the real thrill! It happened during a meeting today.

I was sitting with a client at one of our regular project meetings (big project, a lot to cover before an upcoming deadline) and out of a sudden we cracked the code on how to differentiate ourselves among all our current and future competitors. An idea so innovative that even yours truly – who creates ideas on a daily basis – was mind blown. That’s when I got the goosebumps.

Goosebumps level ideas are rare – but they don’t have to be. In fact, any organisation is perfectly capable to create something this good. However, in order to get those types of ideas there needs to be a few things present in the team:

  • an understanding of where the process is and where it needs to go
  • a team effort and a wish from everyone involved to push the process forward
  • a mindset where it’s actually OK to bring up new ideas
  • a courage to voice something that might either sound really stupid or be the best idea ever
  • no judgment if the idea above is – in fact – crazy

This was not by any means my own idea, even if it came from my mouth. This was a fruit of a long and creative discussion on how we can make history with something we are about to launch. And I do believe that today, we found the necessary key to make it happen.

Do you need help creating goosebumps ideas? I might have a workshop that is perfect for it: “Make idea generation work at work” (click here)


Photo credit: envato elements