current projects

from an initial thought to a finished idea

Most great things start with a single thought: “wouldn’t it be cool to….?” Here’s where we come in. We take that initial thought, idea, pain point – and help you turn it into successful service or product.

Most of our projects involve finding out who your client is and establishing what they want and need. We then craft your offer and make sure to make it attractive for your target audience, based on your desired idea. We conceptualize it and put it on a website that brings traffic. And we will teach you how to market and sell your idea.

There are not two projects that are the same, so let’s talk and see what YOU need to bring your idea to life. E-mail Magdalena at magdalena@creativity.house or book a 30 min free call (here).

P.S. We don’t code! If we help you with your website, that means using premade WordPress themes. 


Selected works:
Creating concept clarity for Per Frykman (apr 21)