This is a very fun project that we did in April of 2021. Per Frykman is a long time mentor and friend, and also a Founder of Reputation Mastery™. We’ve been working together a ton, and most of the time he is the one helping Creativity House strategize for the future, but this time we were given free hands to remake Per’s blog and clarify his offer towards his customers.

This is before:


A blog that was by all means OK, but that wasn’t giving the customer the crystal clear answer as to what’s in it for them. Plus, Per is cooler than his old website, so we gave him a version that represents him better:


Per is a fan of elegance of simplicity (and so are we, although we like to put grainy filter on our artwork!), and so we wanted his new site to reflect that. But more than anything, we wanted to put Per’s offer – the Reputation Resumé at the center of attention right from the start. Bonus: we created a fun little avatar for Per, we know for a fact that he likes the color orange, and… why not? Every interesting expert should have his/her own avatar!


Make sure to visit Per’s site at and get in touch if you need some idea work on your brand!