The other day, I am sure that you noticed that there were some technical issues with Facebook and Instagram. I was just posting promotional images of upcoming shows at Stockholm Comedy Club and at first I got annoyed with not being able to do what I had planned, but then I started thinking…

[ivan_title title_tag=”h3″ animation_iteration=”1″ c_id=”.vc_1552916961655″]What would I do if Facebook and Instagram died today?[/ivan_title]

At all companies I work with, Social Media plays a huge role in advertising, marketing and sales. However, sometimes we trick ourselves to believe that SoMe is the only communication channel of value nowadays. But if you think about it… people successfully bought and sold things before Facebook and Instagram.

If I for some reason got disconnected from Facebook and Instagram, I would immediately start optimizing my website (if that was not already done. It is. Of course.) You see… your own website on your own platform is something that you have complete control of (well, sort of. Your domain host might die, but you see my point) and can operate regardless of social media platforms. I would also start calling potential partners, such as – for us – ticket offices and tourist bureaus. Plus, I would of course check out other communication channels that I am not prioritizing as much today and who knows – I might just find out that those serve me even better than the once I focus the most on today?

Those of you who base your work around Facebook and Instagram are of course vulnerable for crushes and errors. I would be scared to only have those channels to rely on. I’d take the recent disruption as a push towards opening my eyes and spreading my message to more external channels. Everything can’t die at once, now can it? And if so – make sure to have your own channels under control.


(image: Envato Elements)