The home of creative business thinking.

Founded by Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund with the aim to help you grow your business by thinking differently.


Creativity House is all about you!

Let’s add the wow-factor to your creative business thinking. Let’s find those details that will not only help you grow your business beyond your imagination, but also to make you stand out and get visible. At Creativity House, we passionately fight mediocrity.
With our tools and ideas, we will help you build a brand that you can be proud of.
Who knows, you might even become a Future Legend?

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One-on-one coaching on Creative Business Thinking

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Creativity House Academy

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Keynotes on Business and Creativity


Digital Course “Idea Lab” – a step by step formula for finding your best ideas and bringing them to life!


We add creative business thinking to people’s lives one action at a time.

Once we start working together, you will think bigger and take that step out of your comfort zone.


  • Idea Generation
  • Idea Analysis
  • Launch
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social media


  • Creative Business Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & branding
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Presentation Technique


  • One-to-many
  • One-to-one
  • “What’s your case”
  • “Idea lab bootcamp”
  • Custom made workshops
  • Talks

How we work

At Creativity House we want you to become your best self!

We will give you the tools needed to take that next step in your business career that you are aiming for.

We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital. You’ll form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to everything we do. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone from time-to-time, but this is where you’ll shine. Bottom line is we want you to succeed.


Creativity House was born as an alternative to traditional business thinking. Our mission is to help create interesting, innovative and exciting business ideas and corporations. We passionately fight mediocrity!


We give you the tools and you do the work. Or if we partner up, we’ll do the work together. Since we only work with dedicated clients, we give it our all and expect you to do the same.

Our Team

Creativity House was founded by Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund and most of the work is done by her. When needed, we hire professionals with special skills to make sure that you get full service.


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