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I hope that my work brings you value and that you are enjoying my podcast, blog and SoMe posts. If so, I would be very happy if you would want to subscribe to the newsletter that I am preparing for you. Every Tuesday, I will be sending you some Creative Business Thinking – from me […]

Creativity House: go from Business Person to a Business Professional

In this episode of Creativity House Podcast I am flying solo (no guest, no retakes!) and talking to you about something super important for business success: going from Business Person to a Business PROFESSIONAL. Enjoy! This episode is also available on all podcast platforms. If you like this podcast, it would make me really happy [...]

Creative Business Thinking with Linda Hörnfeldt, Social Brand Lab.

In this episode I have the pleasure to speak to Linda Hörnfeldt, one of the people that I absolutely admire and use as a mentor (sometimes without them knowing that!) Linda, who calls herself an Influencer Strategist, is the founder of Influencers of Sweden, has a very popular blog plus two cool podcasts (search Linda [...]

Creative Business Thinking for your professional career. Guest: Svea Sigmond.

In this episode, I am talking to former recruiter, nowadays comedienne Svea Sigmond. We chat about dos and dont's for landing your dream job and what appearance on a reality series can do for your career. I share my worst job interview experience and how it lead to an odd opportunity years later. More about [...]

Creativity House Podcast: how to stand out with your business idea.

In this episode, I have the pleasure to talk to Malin Lindström of Aware Performance. She is one of the bravest entrepreneurs I know and a former student of mine at Axelsons Institute. With her amazing confidence, star quality and solid knowledge in her field (health and training), she caught my eye straight away and allowed [...]

Creativity House featured on The Girl Inspired Project Podcast.

Recently, I had the pleasure to be featured on The Girl Inspired Project Podcast. The podcast, and the website is hosted by Joanne Wetzel, whom I had found online through our similar love for dogs. Since then, she has changed the focus of her company towards a business guide for all things digital. To be [...]

What if Facebook and Instagram died?

The other day, I am sure that you noticed that there were some technical issues with Facebook and Instagram. I was just posting promotional images of upcoming shows at Stockholm Comedy Club and at first I got annoyed with not being able to do what I had planned, but then I started thinking... What would [...]